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SEO is about returning highly ranked pages that best answer search queries made by the end users of the internet in order of most relevant & useful first.   Search Engines seek to find the most favourable information that is structured most usefully to satisfy & provide.  This means returning what is the most likely things that are in mind when searches are made.

This “search engine optimization” process is an on going process that mainly revolves around the text content that can be found published on the internet and how it is presented.

Understanding the way this works is, it is generally agreed, the job of  a search engine optimizer.  I tend to think the real SEO goes on in a different way and is actually being performed by those working on the search engines and that what are traditionally seen as SEO’s are in fact “Website Optimizers” & “Web Optimizers” and not “Search Engine Optimizers” per se, hence we have black hat and white hat practitioners where those not following search engine guidelines are known as black hat SEO practitioners.

I provide top notch SEO Services with what I describe as the superlative English language SEO Services.  A system that is in effect in regards to commercial SEO the most remarkable English language SEO system there is ever likely to exist.

These services are the Double T Ted’s Double T It Up SEO Power Plays SEO Power Linking Systems.

Tel 01522 533378 to discuss things if you really do want the very best English language Expert SEO Service bar none. Expert SEO Services provided by the #1 SEO writer and SEO power writer in the UK Keith D Mains the ultimate UK SEO writing expert.

The following are some of my websites I use in my quest to challenge the dominance of Wikipedia in search that began on 24th Dec 2011 with the release of the Double T Ted’s SEO Power Plays after 6 years of study at time of writing this in 2012 since I uncovered them in 2006.  The Double T Ted’s though have existed hidden, but in full public view, since 1967 in the song “The Bare Necessities” as it was presented in the Disney “The Jungle Book” animated film awaiting discovery for development.

People have actually come quite close to discovering them (The Double T Ted’s) on many occasions over the years if they had taken a better look at things,  if you search for other off hand references to “Bare” and Bear” and the whole “The Jungle Book” presentation with Baloo Bear it is amazing nobody else came up with the concept before.

Some of my websites

AdvertTed The Advert Ted | AffiliatTed |  AgentTed The Agent Ted | BLUNDERBIRDS |  CATTOONS The Cartoon Cats | CARYOONS The Cartoon Cars | Double T Ted’s UK | Double T Ted’s | HatTed The Hatted Hat Ted | High Ranking SEO Expert Guide | HostTed Net |  HostTed Com |  IllustratTed | JacketTed |   KnitTed The Knitted Knit Ted | Mains Power | MarketTed The Market Ted | MeerkatTed The Meerkat Ted | QuotTed The Quotes Ted UK QuotTed The Quotes Ted | RentTed | ROI MINT |  SEO Power Plays | ShirtTed The Shirt Ted | STARTTED THE STARTTED | TabletTed |  TTed UK | TTED |  WACICO UK | WACICO |  Wacky Co

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